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Paging Through Sea Change
100 Poems
GIF That Keeps On GIFing
Poems For A Single Breath
Ashbery Park
Cant Speak For Her
Poem In Which I Dance With George Oppen
Free Dregs
I Had Something To Say About That
Line Of Questioning
The Best Thing To Know!
Proceed With Candy
Down With Cats
Poem With A Line From A CAConrad Facebook Post
Cant Speak For Her
Cultured Feeling
Foreign Titles
A La Carte Blanche


The Static City

Fruit Taste

Point And Line To Plane

Poems For A Single Breath



Our Feature Section

Ten Minutes Of Twelve
La Gran Nada En Que Enojamos
Transgenic Crop
Folded Wing
Potency Contents In Jewel Tones
Amicorum Amicissima
One Turn In Quincunxes
Your Behalf
A Thousand Flying
Menses Behind The Eight Ball
Language Poem
Too Like Three Poems As With Rocks
Chad Says
Arbitrary Direction
Curl Operation
Joule Let It Snow
War Of Choice
Introduction To The Founding Of English Peter
Mishearing Elizabeth
Contemplation Groom
A Case Of Mistaken Identity
Eye Music
3/4 Strong
Both Parties Soup To Nuts
Aucun mot
Kerouac Novels


Fine Bodies

Begorrah It's Gomorrah
Sonnet on Argot
Conceptious Attitude to Nothing
Unbelieveble Search Results
Pastoral Care
I Don't Care About Your Family
Natural Satellite
Scholastic Methods
Fifty Minute Huddle
Sacred Monster
Dual Star
How Much Does
Human Factors On The Eunuch
I'm What No You
Background Questionnaire
The Little Man In The Boat
Crinkum-Crankum Bearing-Place
Conchologous Aspects Of A Column
Fertile Turtle
Water Cure
Columella Scissoring A Lawn
Silence And Distance
Cave As Well
People Like Carol
Svelte Selves
Elimination Dye It
Blech (offen)
Pyxidate Lateral
Four Fascinations
Bantam Refraction     (published in Vector Magazine)
Taint Wrong
Concert Party
Were I Left
Were I Felt
Tea In The Noh
Many Modes Of Opinion
Look See
Full Marks In Derry
Commercial Beaks
Infant Bodysuit
Paratextual Estuary
Hot Knives
Inside And Out
As You Mean It
Acne Slaws
Insoluble Continuity
Cherry Suspended
A Less Layer
Next Door
Blizzard Of Blondes
Double Ballad
Vinyl Organ
Disappointment And The Theater
From Graham Cracker Crumbling
Hot-Headed Rash
Stand Off
Individual Imagination


Hell in Verlan

Pour Tout Ce Que Tu Sait
Ce Pour Que Tu Sais Tout
Godliness Next To Homeliness
Many Would Have It
Clothing Made From Such Materials
The Historical Interpretation of Literature
Not Worth Your Life Bag
No-words of a Non-friend
Wee Frawns
Transfer of Maws
Beige Block
Scissors on the Strawberry
Laster Immiserating Curia
Lola from Valence
Affording Public Exit
Of the Quality of the Female
More Than Happy
Found Dead
You Proved
As Present In Sunlight
Trench Profession
Comfort Women In A Collective Bargaining
What Is My Life
Further Corollaries
Clom Dommage
This Week In Bunch Pump
Cant Canticle
Anfractuous Anapest
Imprecation in Newer Sèvres
Nothingist Mora
"Some Deal Made With Flesh"
Made All With Flesh
Acceptance Speech
Inscribed On A Spoon
Wurstward No
Options for Florida
Compassion for Animals
The Mermelade of Quinces
Quick Reeference
If Indeed Troubled
Sinuous De Minimis
Have-a-go Scenarioized
Last Post or Midnight



Against Itself
Four Automatics from a Slam Bam Thank You Ma'am
Prince Henry's Barriers
Chief Beam in a Special Pleading
Sloping Mass on the Lea
While Thinking On What They Want
Model Self
Whose the Windows
The cartons and the rags and the blue scarab
Valéry's Aphorism
American Renaissance
To the death
To you
For The Moment
Testimony of Innocence
Paris Foreseen


The Of and A and Other Poems

Now the great bear
Regretful Pantoum
Ah! and a mistranslation of Ah!
Prolegomena to Vico's Poetic Wisdom
Fruit Taste
Human Personality
Third Dialogue
Letter to One Religious
By Portraying Him as a Patron of Kidnappers
Archpedant Through the Hot Dogs
Marseille Day
Voluntary Confession
Words from Wilson and Weston
The Static City
Undiceable Spores
All Hurtful Worms
Apotropaic Diluvy
Farewells to Poetry
The Of and A


If You Please

Not In This
I complete
Types of Neck
Diurnal Emunction
Outside and So Beautiful
Transcription For As Fast As You Please
Wafers in a Leisurely Study
Later Wishes to Mean Poetry
Little Queen in a Light Rain
A Day Out to Dr. Tsopelas
Cultivating the Broom
Bêtes sur Bettes
Mr. Poetetal Says Loaves Sown
He Canne in the Room for Girls
Dree In A Line
No Impeti Go
Sonnet of the Asshole
If You Please
Hate Groups
Importable Pile of Lips
Hospital Conception
Wax Kernel
Cataballitive Hoe
Two from the Changed World Picture
Rhetoric Eliminated from Oppen's Speech at Soli
Hunting Critiques
From Fragments from Lost Zoroastrian Notebooks
Document copy
Death Threat
New Pile
Taupe Mole Atop a Windmill
Poem for Mei
Ratapoil in the Oven
I am not alone
Yours Is More Than Mine
Pair Bondage
Regional Metamorphism
Impasto Indicative Involving You
Frauenbildnis So Doing
Wholecolored, Mutinous
Poetry Uninterrupted
Poems for Peace
Order and Disorder of Love
Movement Hall



Buffetings Bellishings

Bronze Descending Morass     (published in Prelude)
Wallace St. in Philadelphia, PA
Banlieu, Lessened
Hortulan Demonifuge
Harpsical Entelechies     (published in Prelude)
Night and a Boy Again
Saturday to John Ashbery
Hyperbolic Tangent
Pocas Palabras
Considering a Relationship Between Foot and Thinking
The French Word for Photographer is Photographe
Instance of Comity
Your Penis Is An Expression Of It
Apparent Brightness Between Adjacent Areas
Of a Color Darkening
A Particular in a Pile-Up
Peaches on a Charger
Thieves Remembered
Strange Things in Yunnan
Two Signals Which Carry Color Information
Toneless Testamentum     (forthcoming in Modern Poetry Review)
Region of Sky Unaware of Saltrot     (forthcoming in Modern Poetry Review)
Ferrule Salts Slumped Aureus
Characters Depicted
Transport or Conveyance in a Vehicle
Measurements of a Photograph of the Vase
Obstacle with Setting
Corporate Woods Boulevard
Keeping One Alive
Arrangements in White
alking through the Barnes
New Recital of the Spirit System
Some Coloring On Rock
We Have Been Europe's Sink
Whinging Decoration
Acute Grave
Polar Banishment
Is Ham Ever Raw
A Mere Element
Stand of Seven Birches
Fountain Patterns
Church with Windows
A Minuscule Capital
Trochaic Plum in a Latched Basket
From an Envelope Writing
A Changeless Work of Art
Pangrammatic Anagram
Evening Meal
No-being Poolside
Egg Yellows
I Scream You Scream     (forthcoming in PANK)
Does Not Want to Receive Poetry
Onanism Notwithstanding Withsetting Before Brunch
Mock Moon
Parachronistic Kernel


Rococo Measures                          (Mesures rococos)

Bird, Thought, Libation
Merenesses, Entering, Beginning
Parabolous Fiction
How Great Thou Art
Three Permutations of an Apostrophe
Skirl Pulls Bag to Obloquy
Invisibling Settings
A Member of a Low Species in a Copse
At this time, On!
Two Integers Occupying One
Encounter with Figurative Display
Virtus Dormitiva
Field, Hand, Youth, Detailing
Mince Past the Canebrake, Mumblement, Variolist Behind Hummock
Black Bloom
Aside, Encomium
Adam, Archeus Sitting
Action, Welcome, Learning
What, Now
History, Egressional, At Table
Susurrations of Fact
In the Small Dark Cave
Progression Laborious
One or Two Votives
Hart Swimming Down, During Is, Epilogue
Effluxism, The Morning of the Poem
Along the Panic of Sough, Instinctual Theses
Realistic or Another Fabliau
In the Direction of Fact
John Berryman Singing Ol' Man River
It Does Not Matter What One Thinks of It
Mezzetino Prone in Paste on Panel

Promptorium Parvulorum

drawings by Mina Walker

Claw Data Piled In A Dress
Stillbirth Saga


Two Mornings

Occasionals and Immaterials
Salter Subtrahending
Two Stories
Between Courses

Nightwalk in November
Cab, Car     (published in Blast Furnace)
Definition, Dressing
Absence, Night
Car Weekend
That I Have
Since last
Life With You     (published in Chronogram)
Red Hook
Five Poems
Clinton Street
Two Mornings
Two Poems


In the Clearing

Bellgate Road
Water Street
In the Clearing



Charles Baudelaire: To The Reader
Samuel Beckett: mirlitonnades
Paul Éluard: Dying of not dying
Paul Éluard: Liberty
Paul Éluard: Repetitions
Paul Éluard: Small Justs
Pierre Mac Orlan: Alphabet
Pierre Mac Orlan: Boutiques
Pierre Mac Orlan: Transhumance
Octavio Paz: Homage and Profanations
Octavio Paz: Solo in Two Voices
Octavio Paz: Sun stone
Octavio Paz: Toward the Beginning
Octavio Paz: Working Days
Arthur Rimbaud: The Drunken Boat
Arthur Rimbaud: A season in hell
Arthur Rimbaud: Illuminations
Paul Verlaine: Gallant Festivities